Switched on Sound

This workshop gives students the opportunity to explore some of the history of computerised music, including automation, punch cards and the development of digital music by composing their own multitracked piece of music using a Nintendo LABO piano. LABO is Nintendo‚Äôs DIY cardboard kit crafted to work with Nintendo Switch. 

The workshop covers most of the Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 National Curriculum for Music. Students begin by developing a graphical score to be followed by the class and then move on to using punch cards to control the drum track of their piece of music. Students then explore how and why computers use binary and how it links to the use of punch cards. The next section focusses on how sound is recorded, starting with soundwaves and moving onto how these are digitised including investigating how sampling effects file size. The last section introduces the concept of waveforms and how computers can be programmed to create different sounds. Throughout the workshop students will be adding to their multitrack recording which they will be able to play to the class at the end of the session. 

While the curriculum material within this workshop is suitable for all ages, please be aware that the video game used in this context is rated PEGI 3 - suitable for ages 3+ only. For more information about PEGI ratings please visit AskAboutGames or the Video Standards Council Rating Board.

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