Part-Baked Games

Subjects: IT
Key Stages: KS1 KS2

Often, learning how to create a game can be quite daunting, especially when you consider all the elements that are needed to build it. Part-Baked Games provides the learner with the opportunity to create five different games using Construct 3 that are inspired by the BAFTA YGD rule cards in order to teach learners how to build common game mechanics and therefore provide them with the tools needed to create their own game at a later date. Each of the games are provided in a ‘Part-Baked’ form which means that all assets required for the game have been added and laid out as though the game were complete. Learners simply follow the instructions to add the game mechanics needed to complete the game.

Part-Baked Games makes an excellent introductory workshop to deliver before Loopy Games or as an introduction to the skills needed to enter the BAFTA YGD competition. As with all Digital Schoolhouse workshops, Part-Baked Games includes an unplugged section where learners can discover the different game mechanics they will be learning about through the power of play.

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