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Hardware & Processing

Hardware & Processing is...

All workshops that fall under this category allow pupils to explore and learn about the hardware components that make up computers and computer systems. Pupils will be able to experiment with and manipulate a range of hardware and computing devices in order to improve their development in this area. Unplugged activities will also be used to illustrate key concepts in how computers process and execute instructions. 

Let's Doodle: What will you create?

This is a computing lesson with a difference. This cross-curricular workshop developed with 3Doodler involves no programming, but covers every strand of the Computational Thinking Framework and allows pupils to accelerate and work towards Key Stage 3 strands in the Programmes of Study. The new Design & Technology Programmes of Study are also partially covered at both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.


The Robo-Challenge workshop is based on materials from the IBM Robo-Challenge competition. A yearly challenge run for year 5 and 6 students in the greater London area. The intention of this workshop is to integrate these outstanding resources within the Digital Schoolhouse educational framework and allow more students to be able to benefit from them.

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