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Communication & the Internet

Communication & the Internet is..

The ability to communicate is a key aspect of human behaviour. A lot of technology that surrounds us today involves communication. Our devices communicate with each other so that they can work in sync. From Smart TV's, to our smartphones, tablets and desktop PC's, all our devices share information with each other so that we can work seamlessly from one device to another. In the near future the Internet of Things will connect every day devices, such as our fridge, coffee makers and more to the Internet so that they can work intelligently for us. 

In this developing environment it is important for pupils to learn the key concepts that make up the networking and communication strand of the new Computing Programmes of Study. Each workshop that falls under this category has significant elements of it devoted to the teaching of this area; all of which will include a range of unplugged activities to make the concepts more accessible to the younger audience. 

App in a Day: An Apps for Good Taster Workshop

“Apps have been changing the way people communicate, work and play. Traditional businesses, from media to retail, have been seeing their business models disrupted by start-ups that amass millions of users within the space of a few months with minimal marketing budgets.” (Vision Mobile, 2014) Apps have become an important part of our digital world today and the industry attracts developers and designers from across all age groups, from teenagers to 65+.

Cryptography: Secrets, Secrets, Secrets. Everyone has them!

The Digital Schoolhouse has teamed up with the Education Department at Bletchley Park to create a lesson that teaches pupils how to use advanced spreadsheet functionality covered at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 in a fun and exciting lesson using secrets and encryption as the focus of the lesson.

Eco Gamer

Did you know that over 75% of video game packaging is made of plastic? Currently, only a small amount of packaging is made from recycled materials and it can be difficult to find somewhere that will recycle the packaging once you have finished with it. In 2019, SEGA developed new, revolutionary packaging for Football Manager 2020 that was 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Here, you'll discover more about green practices within the video games industry...

Loopy Games: An Iterative Games Design Workshop

Loopy Games aims to help pupils design and create their own game using methodology that reflects the processes followed in the UK Games Industry. Developed in consultation and collaboration with Kuato Studios and the Video Games Ambassadors, this workshop brings industry expertise into the classroom.

Networks Unplugged

This workshop is based on the 'Networks Unplugged' material written by Mark Dorling and published with Computing At School (CAS). Networks Unplugged has been developed with the CS Unplugged pedagogy in mind; and therefore incorporates their activities.

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