Just Dance with the Algorithm

Subjects: Maths
Key Stages: KS1 KS2

Just Dance with the Algorithm was developed by Digital Schoolhouse in partnership with Ubisoft, and is based upon the original workshop ‘Get with the Algo-rhythm’.  This workshop combines dance and video games to teach core programming and computing concepts in a way that appeals to a diverse range of students. The workshop begins by creating flow charts of instructions to perform dance moves from popular music tracks. Teachers could easily select either the current craze or more iconic dances such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The initial objective is to develop the understanding of a sequence and appreciate the importance of accurate instructions. Loops are then introduced for repeated instructions within the dance and students move on to introduce selection statements through questions.

Once students have understood the concepts they then look into different ways of representing algorithms. By comparing their text-based and flowchart algorithms with a more graphical presentation as used in the Just Dance game students further develop their understanding. They physically manipulate graphical representations of dance moves in order to choreograph their own dance sequence which are then digitised into an animation. 

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