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All teachers are welcome to download and use our resources in the classroom. Whether you're familiar with the programme or not, discover a whole host of different workshop themes and activities to compliment your teaching (you don't have to be a Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher to use our materials!)

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Our Workshops

Download free workshops for your classroom.

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Playful Computing Activities

Engage your pupils with short standalone activities.

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Our cutting edge classroom innovation is firmly evidence-based.

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Parents! How to Raise a Tech Genius

This book teaches computing concepts without computers.

Our Workshops

Digital Schoolhouse offers a selection of workshops that are categorised by the following topics. You can either download workshop materials to deliver yourself, or you can book a session with one of our expert Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teachers.

Algorithms & Programming

The workshops that fall under this category all have an element of programming, or at the very least algorithmic thinking within them.

Communication & the Internet

Understand how computers exchange information by delivering one of these workshops.

Data Representation

All the workshops that fit under this category consider how computers represent information.

Hardware & Processing

Explore and learn about the hardware components that make up computers and computer systems.

IT/Digital Literacy & Online Safety

Online Safety is an important strand in the new Computing Programmes of Study as well as schools' safeguarding strategies.

Playful Computing Activities

Engaging pupils by learning through play.

12 Days of Computing!

We're gearing up to the festive period with 12 wintery activities that will spark the christmas spirit in your pupils!

Accidental Adventures

Create a randomised story using the programming concept of arrays with Accidental Adventures!

Origam-orithms: Algorithms

Why not use origami to teach algorithms? By precisely completing a set of rules in order to solve a problem...

Brain Teasers

Defined as an unconventional way to resolve a form of puzzle, brain teasers can also be used to explore Computational Thinking.

Gamebook Computing

Everyone loves a good story. Great stories will inspire you, keep you hooked and transport you to a different realm. Did you know that you...

The Computational Thinking Duck

One of the key playtime activities that almost every child has engaged in is playing with LEGO bricks. Remember getting the playset...

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One Minute Mentor

One Minute Mentor is a careers resource which aims to inspire pupils with the breadth of roles available in the creative digital sector through punchy, digestible videos hosted on our YouTube channel.

Teachers & students

Discover possible career paths, from industry professionals sharing their wisdom and expertise in just one minute.

Learn more

Learn more about how you can use One Minute Mentor to inform and inspire young people in careers.


Get involved in grassroots careers education by submitting your own One Minute Mentor.



Does esports have a place in education? Our research says it does. Find out more here.

Programme Impact

Is Digital Schoolhouse making a difference in education? Read our latest impact report here.

Online Safety

We decided to ask children directly, what they thought of the online safety guidance they were receiving at home and in school.

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