Shape Calculator: A parent’s guide to computing at home

Author: Estelle Ashman, Curriculum Content Developer
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Following on from last week’s workshop, Switched on Sound, this week’s workshop in our computing at home teaching series is Shape Calculator a workshop that will teach your child how to create a program that can draw different shapes based on data input by the user.

This workshop is perfect for ages 7 -11 years.

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Part 1 of the workshop will begin by looking at how we, as humans, give instructions and compare this to how computers need instructions given to them.

·        To begin, you will draw a shape based on my instructions

·        We will then investigate how we could make the instructions better and then look at how we could group shapes together to create a piece of art

·        Finally, we will investigate how to represent an algorithm for creating a shape using a flowchart

Part 2 of the workshop will take everything we have learnt about creating algorithms for drawing a shape and create a shape calculator program using Scratch.

·        To begin, we will learn about creating a simple program to draw a single shape and then we will investigate how to make this into a reusable piece of code by turning it into a procedure

·        Next, we will learn how draw a design that uses multiple shapes

·        Finally, we will learn how to use variables to collect data from the user of the program to control the shape and size of the shapes our program will create.

I hope your little learners enjoy Shape Calculator please do get in touch with me at if you have any comments or feedback on the workshop and don't forget to check out all our past workshops, here.

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